The 4 Pillars

Be Well; Be Connected; Be Secure; and Be Enriched. 

These themes encompass the information communities need access to so older adults, caregivers and service providers can navigate the journey of aging.

The four themes that emerged through community consultations now stand as the four pillars of the Eldercare Foundation’s Embrace Aging initiative upon which ElderConnect™ is based.

Research indicates that taking a preventative approach and focusing on the social determinants of health can help people achieve an optimal level of health and well-‐being.  Using a grassroots approach, ElderConnect™ will support seniors and their caregivers by addressing each of the four pillars and the social determinants of health to which they are linked.

The following summary provides an overview of how the social determinants of health not only link to the four pillars, but how the program can help to influence these issues at the community level.

Be Well:
This pillar encompasses information and resources related to health events, services and key health issues. We know that over 50 percent of people aged 65 and older are searching the Internet for information that will help them prevent or treat chronic disease, illness, or other ailments. This percentage will only increase as older adults become more familiar with technological advances, so a central portal that hosts reliable information related to health services and personal care, such as the ElderConnect™ Smart Hub and Community Portals would be an invaluable tool.


Be Connected:
Being connected refers to both our social support networks and social environment, which are both social determinants of health. These two factors have a profound effect on one’s quality of life, and are both deeply rooted issues that the ElderConnect™ Wellness Navigation System can help to address.


Be Secure:
While financial security is imperative to aging well, being secure also refers to one’s housing and physical environment. These determinants of health have an incredible influence on older adults’ well-being. ElderConnect™ has the ability to provide information to assist those seeking reliable, accurate resources and can help to address concerns related to being secure.


Be Enriched:
Education, health literacy, culture, arts and spirituality allow older adults to express themselves in different mediums and engage in activities that stimulate experiential learning. By enhancing these opportunities within the community, older adults will experience an improved quality of life.