About the Eldercare FoundationDemo

THE ELDERCARE FOUNDATION (Eldercare) is a registered charity, formed in 1982, that raises and manages funds dedicated to supporting the provision of an enhanced quality of life for elders.  Our mission, in partnership with our donors, is to ensure that communities support and embrace aging with respect and dignity.  In an effort to ensure British Columbians have the support they need to age in place, Eldercare works in collaboration with communities and like-minded senior-serving groups and organizations throughout the province.   Eldercare has a track record of sound financial management and our brand identity and expertise are recognized throughout the province.

Eldercare’s Embrace Aging initiative, upon which ElderConnect is based, has become a critical resource since its launch in 2006.   Embrace Aging is an annual awareness celebration enabling communities to highlight education, activities and resources aimed at supporting the aging journey.   ElderConnect addresses the challenge of finding and accessing reliable information and resources by organizing, simplifying and unifying the process making it easy to connect, learn and plan for the aging journey, online or in person, in your own or any other ElderConnected community.